We tried energy healing in the UAE “You don’t have to believe in it”

There are several recognised forms of energy healing in practice globally.

Energy healing has been in practice centuries before the advent of modern medicine, but many people eye the practice with more than a touch of skepticism today. Many ancient cultures, such as Chinese, Japanese and Indian, have been healing with energy for thousands of years.
Although methods vary, the essence is still the same: every living being has energy flowing through it and the balance of this energy is imperative for health and happiness.

There are several recognised forms of energy healing in practice globally, such as Reiki, a Japanese energy-healing technique, or kinesiology – a treatment method focused on movements – that originated in Sweden. In India, energy healing has been in practice for long, with the use of chants or mantras, or mudras – which focuses on energy balance by joining different combinations of fingers and thumbs during meditation or yogic breathing exercises.

In the UAE, there are several energy healing centres and we decided to try one of them.
Hands in Hope is run by German national Barbara Jackle who reiterated one thing as we sat down with her; what she does is not Reiki or kinesiology, but holistic energy healing. The method that she uses is similar to Reiki, however, using her hands to balance energy fields. She does this by placing her hands lightly on or over a patient’s body to facilitate the patient’s process of healing.

A gift
Jackle, who has been practicing her craft for over two decades and in her own native land as well, did not learn how to practice energy-healing.
“The gift was passed down from my grandmother, she also used to practice energy healing, back in Germany”, Jackle says as she invited one of us over for a demo session. Her daughter, Julia, steps in to converse with us as Jackle sets up.

What of the skeptics?
“You don’t have to believe in it, so it basically works irrespective of religion or a certain line of practice, it is all about mindfulness and going into the healing of the body or the self-healing power of the body.” Julia said.While she reiterates that this is not comparable to a medical cure for a terminal illness like cancer, it can help with the rehabilitation of the mind and body and all the negative energy that surrounds daily life or illnesses.

“The concept is not to find the problem and fix it, the problem is how to find the root cause, enhance the self-healing power…” Julia added.
While a demo session was not enough for us to review Barbara’s services in full, the calm white interiors of the clinic coupled with soothing music, Jackie’s cool hands and the few minutes of silence, the experience was oddly and surprisingly rejuvenating.

Disclaimer: If you are looking to try any alternative therapy or healing practice, ensure that the practitioner is licensed by the Dubai Health Authority or other government authority. Check the date of license as well before reading reviews and testimonials to book a session.