I initially tried out this energy healing treatment with much reluctance. Having been on medications for many years to treat anxiety, with very little progress, I thought “why not?”. The outcomes were very encouraging. I have had 4 sessions to day and whilst, of course, I am still not entirely cured, I have felt significant improvement in my overall emotional and mental wellbeing. In just four weeks of energy healing I have felt a greater improvement that a year of pills. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to find more relaxation, ease and relief in their life. Barbara and Ralph are exceptionally professional and helpful. You can feel that this is something they are doing from a sincere passion to help people.

United Arab Emirates

My mother had lost all hopes after my father died nearly 8 months back. She left of eating and drinking, socializing and went into immense depression. She even refused to take on any medications. In just few days time she started to become so weak that she could not even get out of the bed without the assistance. We were very worried. Looking for alternate treatments we found Hands in Hope upon searching. We came here and started  the sessions with Barbara. After 4 to 5 sessions her positive energies started to show results and my mother slowly started to improve and asked herself to have food and water. Having regular energy healing sessions helped my mother a lot and now she is back to life alhumdulilah. We all really thank Barbara for healing my mom with her positive energies by the grace of Allah.

United Arab Emirates

Barbara was able to help heal pain and physical issues I had that doctors couldn’t heal or even begin to understand. Her sessions elevate my energy to help me feel confident and energetic enough to deal with the people and situations in my life. Her healing works physically, mentally and on a soul level. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you Barbara xx

United Arab Emirates

Liebe Barbara, wir sind überglücklich, das es Dich gibt und das Du uns schon über lange Zeit begleitest.Wir fühlen uns , nach jeder Behandlung ob es vor Ort oder auch jetzt durch die Distance healing bei Dir immer sehr gut aufgehoben und danken Dir von ganzem Herzen.

Dörte & Jens

I know Barbara for many years now. She is very kind and professional. She is able to reduce my anxiety and fears. I feel strength and positive energy afterwards. Thank you Barbara!


Provides a rejuvenation of body and soul in a short space of time.

United Arab Emirates

Barbara’s healing is powerful and relieves both physical and mental ailments such as stress and anxiety. I highly recommend her.After the session i felt comfortable

Jasir ahmad

I am extremely happy to be relieved from my extremely painful cysts and fibroids in my breasts.Many thanks to Barbara .She has a God Gift.


I visited Barbara at a time when I was feeling. Very overwhelmed and fearful of the future, after a

United Arab Emirates

Barbara’s healing is powerful and relieves both physical and mental ailments such as stress and anxiety. I highly recommend her.

United Arab Emirates

Good morning .. After the session I felt comfortable and like re-starting .. But after two days of the session I felt the internal peace and that I am balanced and simple with myself and all things are going to my reconciliation and I will get what I want gently and easily .. and i felt that time is just numbers and calculations and it will not affect the manifestation of my goals .. I felt stable inside my heart, safe with high awareness .. Thank you so much Barbara🌸 looking forward to visit you soon ..much LOVE 💕

Saudi Arabia

I went to Barbara because I was feeling a bit tired and was hoping to find there ressource to gain more energy.

As soon as I entered the room Barbaba started talking about me so right that I was under the impression that she already knew me better than myself.

It has been 6 months now that I come to meet Barbara and she litteraly changed my life.
Yes she helped by raising my energy level and even more important she helped me to gradually implement the changes I wanted to see in my life.

I realize now that when I came the first time I was tired because I was fighting everyday in my life. I was not happy as she rightly said; evenso I had the feeling that I was as, at the end of the day, I was getting more or less what I wanted after each battle.
Today I really feel happy and things that I wish arise in my life easily. The environment is the same but I changed my way to feel about and act about it therefore consequence / relations are now taking a different turn.

I am very grateful to Barbara for using her gift to help me making a better life experience. And going to Hands in Hope and meeting her and Claudia there is a weekly source of pleasure.
I highly recommend to try 🙂

Audrey Voisin
United Arab Emirates

I cannot say enough about Barbara, a genuine pure soul, a professional beautiful lady with simply magical healing blessed hands and high ethics. I think she is one of those angels on earth. God had send her to us. She had helped my mom with a chronic depression in a period of hopelessness, how she had turned around my mothers health and helped me go through it
I cannot say enough. God bless her we are so blessed to have you here Barbara

United Arab Emirates

Thank you Barbara for helping me in my journey to change my life and feel more happy and fill my life with positivity. You are a blessing and I am very blessed to have you with me.

United Arab Emirates

My situation was really bad when I came to Barbara institut. Since the first session she helped me because she put such positive energy in me and I felt really much better to each session. She definitely can help anyone to see the light and be stronger. Barbara is a real angel and give you hope and strength. I recommend her to anyone who needs help and really wants to feel supported and to feel better.

United Kingdom

The best way for me to get healthy and fit again

Thanks very much Rashid

United Arab Emirates

Barbara helped me a lot through a very difficult time in my life

United Arab Emirates

The healing and guidance given by Barbara has changed my life. I can’t explain it but I know she helped me to find my hope and happiness again.

United Arab Emirates

March of this year I was detected with stage 3 Breast Cancer. At the time I got the results, I felt a light tickle in the throat which converted into a chronic cough. I have always followed natural remedies for health problems, but surprisingly nothing worked. In desperation I took two courses of antibiotics with steroids, and still had no luck. I was unable to do an MRI of my breast as the cough was constant, and then a friend of mine referred me to Barbara. Rest is history!!
Within one session my cough literally disappeared and I also felt a boost in the immune and release of lower back pain. I was able to successfully go through my double mastectomy, soon after I started coming back to Barbara.
I decided not to do Chemotherapy and Tamoxafin as I wanted to follow a complimentary medicine approach. One part of my complimentary medicine protocol is energy healing from Barbara. She has helped in boosting my immune system and harmonizing my body rhythm.
My complimentary oncologist and VIVAMAYR therapy doctors are seeing the difference Barbara is making treating my Cancer. We humans are made up of universal energies, I believe energy healing can not only help in the case of Cancer or cough, but for all health problems.
My healing starts the minute I walk in and get a hug from Claudia without HANDS IN HOPE is not complete. It took me months to write a testimonial, a few lines cannot describe what Barbara does, it will take a book!! She does not give Hope but cures and treats the problem from the root. I have no words to describe my gratitude and love for Barbara and Claudia. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul that you have been able to heal and in helping me go through everything with such Bravery. With all my love always.

United Arab Emirates

I have chosen “Hands in Hope” after a deep research about all the healers practicing in Dubai. My research was done through the internet and reviews talking to people and collecting recommendations.

When i first did step into Hands in Hope Centre i felt that my choice was quite successful for the peacefulness and harmony that was felt all over the place.

I was met by Ms. Claudia Dr. Barbaras assistant. She received me with an amazing smile; she was a great help in everything and the care they offer made me feel at home.

Dr. Barbara had this tranquility and spirituality wrapping her face.
She had this amazing smile that comforts your fears.She carefully listened to all my problems and gave me sincere advice to better look after myself.

She explained her healing process and technique which is simply found in her healing hands.

Dr. Barbara started her session with a distant hand scan; SURPRISINGLY! she pointed-out every single chronic disease and pain that i was suffering from.

After the 1st session i felt a bit lighter; Dr. Barbara told me that my energy level was extremely Low. To me That wasnt a surprise since my life was almost damaged over the course of the past 5 years.

3 days later i started feeling a small change or difference. before the session I had a complete lack of motivation for everything in life. but i started to slowly regain it.

I was supposed to return after 1 week for the 2nd session but i preferred to go back after 5 days since my energy was very low i wanted to increase it quickly and defeat my sufferings.

After the 2nd session i started to feel more tranquility inside my soul , but i wasnt lucky to feel or see anything during the session.

The 3 rd session was after 1 week and during this time i had a new Major problem that popped up into my life but surprisingly i found myself collected & strong enough to accept bad things happening to me. During the session i saw a ray of light, that was a good sign of increased energy level as i was told by Dr. Barbara”

To sum up all the above; when i first visited “Hands in Hope” I was a Bird without wings; after the 3rd session i started to Fly slowly.

i would like to thank Dr. Barbara & Ms. Claudia for all the care & support they offered me during the most difficult times in my life.

Finally i would like to say that ” Hands in Hope” would safely take your hands and bring you back hope.

United Arab Emirates

My story with Barbara started when I first came to her with all types of physical and emotional conditions in its severe form, and which many other medical practitioners could not heal at all and told me just to live with it for the rest of my life, but with Barbara, it was a journey of successful healing sessions which finally led me to the normal status of a healthy person and gave me the opportunity to start over a new positive life.
I am a scientific person, so my first visits was for medical hospitals and doctors who were NEVER interested to deal with the root and cause of all the problems and only focused on treating the symptoms by giving me pills and prescriptions. These treatments only served as temporary pain killers and reliefs, but I always had the symptoms coming back since the root cause of the conditions is still there.
And regarding my emotional conditions, they kept on blaming me that I don’t have the needed willpower to control my emotions, and that I am just a weak sensitive person, and this blame only added more stress on me and made my condition worse.
I was surprised how these practitioners and doctors ignored the MEDICAL BIOLOGICAL FACT that when a body part is affected, especially for emotional status that originates from brain thoughts, then that specific part of the brain or the body is now OVER CHARGED with electrical neurological charges, and this overcharge will cause that part of the brain (or any other part in the body with over charge) to stay OVER ACTIVE, and that willpower and pills cannot discharge these signals alone by themselves.
And here when barbara’s gift attracted my attention where she was gifted by having a power that will balance a person’s electrical neurological charges, and by that, no area in your body will be over active beyond its natural level of functioning.
I started to have results from the first session, and therefore I continued with her for multiple sessions, and each session, there was something new that was cured.
Barbara was not just a healer for me, she was a person whom I trusted with all my deepest confidential private secrets, and who provided me with all professional advice on how to move on. Also to mention her nice assistant Claudia, who was as trusted and loving as Barbara.
You can sense the love and goodness there in the atmosphere, and what was even more touching in the whole process is the happiness that you see in their eyes when they really see the progress and the healing is working on their patients, they become happier than the patient herself with the healing results, where Barbara always told me , and I can feel it myself, that her mission is to help people get their lives back, to dig them out of any holes they were buried in, and that’s what really gives her fulfillment, and not the business.
And that was very true with her honesty that if your case is not some real energy healing case, and just some simple fall down that you can only deal with it with will power, pain killers, and self-care, then she will tell you so, and that you don’t need her sessions.
This a true honest trusted person which I finally found after a long search and suffer with fake practitioners who really does not care about you and only exploit you to suck as much money as they can from you, and put you through additional torture, financial, physical, and emotional, especially within the medical sectors.
Thank you Barbara, thank you Claudia, I love you both.

United Arab Emirates

Barbara was an angel in my time of need. She helped me with her gentle positive guidance, energy healing, and beautiful broken English :), rise from the darkness, stand on my own two feet and walk again.

My deepest gratitude to her and Claudia for all their support

United Arab Emirates

Your work brings the energy in movement and healing, what is ready and wants to be healed resolved to attain well-being,vitality and strength again. I feel that after each session!

Thank you!

United Arab Emirates

Für mich ist die Arbeit fantastisch und ich glaube auch für alle, die ich zu Euch geschickt habe!

Uschi Mahl
United Arab Emirates