Reiki Healing

Are you suffering from Physical or Mental pain? Feeling low of energy, all is too much?

Many people are in this situation and looking for help.

Our German Healer Barbara is experienced over 3 decades and born with healing hands!

She helped a lot of people to come back in a normal life!

Don’t waste your lifetime.

Healer Barbara

  • Born with the ability to heal and help people
  • Unique energy healing technique, not learnable
  • Barbara success rate is over 90 percent
  • Light Energy Worker over 3 decades and since 2013 in Dubai
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FAQ: What people normally want to know

How does it work?

Each Energy Healing Session starts with a pre conversation.

After that, the client lays down on a comfy treatment bed.

Healer Barbara starts with her healing work.

She reaches the whole body system, all the cells, body, mind and soul.

With her positive energy, all will be balanced, cleared and unblocked. Read more

How many sessions do I need?

Our Healer will recommend you, once she knows your concern and


How much is it ?

We have a welcome offer for new customers priced 560 AED.

The first appointment includes:

Pre conversation & counseling

Full Energy Healing Session Performed by Healer Barbara

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