Ever tried energy healing? A visit to Hands in Hope Dubai

Before hosting an event recently, I met the parents of one of my business partners. The parents wanted to mentally support and see their successful, grown-up children/entrepreneurs in action on stage. I love individuals who think like that! No wonder why we three immediately clicked.

I had totally forgotten that Barbara was an energy healer. How exciting! I always wanted to try some sessions! So before my speech started Barbara gave me a small idea of her work. She grabbed both of my underarms, focused and told me what she sensed after a few seconds: I was carrying quite a few emotional struggles with me. She had the impression that I was thinking too much while being to little… Barbara was right.

The end of my PhD studies was near, I was in the middle of a Toastmasters International “speech marathon” and I had decided to face a massive fear in a few days… I was not in my best shape but this changed after a hand full of sessions with Barbara. Today’s article sums up my experience with Hands in Hope.

What is energy healing?

I know. I was also a bit skeptic when I heard about it for the first time. Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s sensitive energy systems to remove negativity, blocks and discomfort. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated and activated.

Energy healing work is based on the belief that the inner human energy is the most powerful and primarily source to restore balance and be healthy again. This kind of healing aims at “refueling” the human body – just like you refuel your car with petrol.

What happened during the session?

he session with Barbara at her premises in Jumeirah 1 (click on this video to have a look her practice) started with a short pre-consultation before the energy session. All in all the session lasted approx. 45 minutes.

I laid down on Barbara’s treatment sofa and closed my eyes, while Barbara was placing her healing hands on various spots of my chest and head. Barbara “connected” with me and the healing energy began to flow.

During the session, I felt a bit of a tingling (especially in my hands, arms and knees). I had the impression that I was internally rinsed – with warmth. Especially when I scheduled my sessions on action-packed days, I almost fell asleep when Barbara worked on me. That is how relaxed I felt in her hands.

How did I feel afterwards?

More energized and grounded on the one side. On the other side a bit tired and thirsty. Barbara said that is normal “as the body is working with the energy now“. I drew a lot of energy. Most probably because I still sometimes throw obstacles in my own path… oops. I am working on it! 😉


I have experimented with quite a few unconventional healing, meditation and cathartic techniques over the past three years. Energy healing definitely belongs to those methods which work for me. Give it a try!

Last thought: A friend of mine, who was facing severe back pain for almost a year after giving birth to her baby, started working with energy healing after more than a dozen medical doctors could not help. She did not believe in energy healing in the beginning, was moved to happy tears by its positive and effective effect though. Her pain is gone after a few sessions!

What are your experiences with energy healing?