Connector review: Energy healing session at Hands in Hope with Barbara

Energy healing promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances. It improves the flow of energy and removes blockages allowing the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

Barbara Jackle is an Energy-Healer, originally from Germany, and she has the gift of ‘healing hands’ that she inherited from her grandmother. Doctors in Germany soon became aware of Barbara after she opened her own healing practice. It was her success that led to her collaboration with doctors from all fields of expertise. As she explains it; gifted people have a higher energetic bio magnetic field in their bodies, meaning their energy is stronger. Barbara can treat a variety of pain, disease or disorders and can also help healthy people that are looking to increase their energy levels or focus.

What’s involved?
At my first appointment, I went in with a completely open mind having seen first-hand the benefits that a friend had experienced, and I was totally willing to let myself go. First I explained how lethargic I was feeling, and the stress and sleepless nights. Barbara immediately told me things about myself that I hadn’t mentioned including various aches and pains and a sluggish metabolism among other things. Then I lay down and Barbara lightly touched or lay her hands on my shoulders, chest and head. During the session Barbara worked on everything we talked about and much more including my thyroid and immune system – she doesn’t just give healing energy it’s like a total body overhaul.

What are the results?
During the first session, my hands felt warm and all my limbs felt very heavy, but I was totally relaxed. The session was nearly an hour but I felt like I’d only been there for 20 minutes. Afterwards I immediately felt light and taller, the feeling of anxiety had gone and I felt much more relaxed. That night I had the best sleep and woke feeling so much more refreshed and energetic. Every session was different but by the time I got to the fifth and sixth sessions Barbara said I felt completely different to her. My body and mind knew exactly what they wanted and were drawing the energy from her.

After six sessions, I can honestly say I feel very different. I’m lighter, less lethargic and have more energy. I sleep better and the anxious, tight feeling in my chest has gone, as have all my aches and pains throughout my body and particularly in my jaw.
My family joke that I would have to lose a limb before I’ll set foot in a hospital. It’s true that I will always search for an alternative cure rather than turn to the traditional. Different practitioners work on different areas and I have been waiting to find that one person who could work on everything at once Now, with this lovely, kind, gifted lady I have, and I’m completely dedicated to it.

How much?
The first session as welcome offer is priced at Dhs 525 and includes a pre conversation and full energy healing session. Subsequent sessions are priced at Dhs 630. Price reduced packages are available. Prices above incl. 5% VAT.